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Staff at Tennessee Autoplex, LLC

Bob Riddle - Owner

615-879-1757   tnautoplex@gmail.com

Owner of Tennessee Autoplex
   As Owner I assume responsibility and held accountable for customer retention and satisfaction on behalf of the company. Fulfills responsibility through the use of sound business management practices. Plans, motivates, and coordinates the activities of the management team.
                Essential Functions
  • Directs and monitors all dealership management or supervisory personnel functions and completes formal performance evaluations of all department managers at regularly scheduled intervals.
  • Meets with managers individually to develop goals and objectives, and to review actual performance.
  • Monitors the daily operating control (DOC), recommending improved courses of action where necessary.
  • Communicates management policies and procedures to all employees and ensures that they are followed.
  • Develops and maintains a good working relationship with lending institutions, CUSTOMERS  and manufacturer personnel.
  • Hires, trains, and motivates all dealership department managers.
  • Provides enthusiastic leadership to help shape employees' attitudes and build morale.
  • Resolves any customer complaints that department managers are unable to rectify.
  • Investigates and resolves complaints from outside agencies.
  • Reviews all requests for training, approves those which are appropriate and consistent with the dealership's goals for professional/technical ability and advancement, and monitors their effectiveness..
  • Balances the expectations and demands of customers, OUR MAIN PRIORITY,  employees, suppliers, owners, and community.
  • Offers coordination and focus for all areas of dealership operation.
  • Handles customer complaints sensibly, showing empathy and a constructive attitude.
  • Addresses customers in a friendly and courteous manner.
  • Upholds the company's non-disclosure and confidentiality policies and agreements
  • Leads and manages other in an exemplary and professional manner